[FREE Download] A Unique Resistance-Walking Workout to Boost Your Fat Burning Hormones and Accumulate 10,000 Daily Steps

walking workout

So, you love a good walking workout. It might simply be your preferred way to exercise for weight loss or weight control. Or maybe you just love to track your daily steps and try your best to meet your 10,000 steps per day goal – after all, daily walking drastically improves your health and fitness.…

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The Pumpkin Pie Smoothie Recipe That Will Help You Lose 2 Pounds Each Week

pumpkin pie smoothie recipe

The days are getting noticeably shorter now. The darkness sets in earlier each day and the nights are getting cooler. The leaves at the top of our trees are just starting to show signs of changing colors and slowly swaying to the ground in the gentle mid-September breeze. If you know me you know I’m…

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The #1 Key to Losing Weight is Balancing Your Hormones. Here’s How…

key to losing weight

I recently shared with you my personal struggle with balancing my own hormones now that I’m over 35. In that post I shared my weight loss success formula: Balance Your Hormones –> Lose Unwanted Belly Fat –> Reclaim Your Health By taking appropriate steps to first balance your hormones you will subsequently begin to lose your unwanted body…

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How to Balance Female Hormones

how to balance female hormones

I wanted to share with you my personal story about how I’ve learned (and still learning) how to balance female hormones. I’ve definitely struggled with my crazy hormones this past year. As a result: I’ve had trouble keeping belly fat off. I’ve had more migraines than usual. I’ve been totally lethargic with no energy. I’ve…

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How to Stay Motivated on a Diet

How to stay motivated on a diet

I’ve worked with a lot of people one-on-one to lose their unwanted body fat. I have thousands of woman who signed up to receive my free weight loss starter kit and read my blog posts. I’ve got thousands of people who have read one or more of my Kindle ebooks on various health, fitness, and weight…

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My 4 Step Strategy to Develop Your Own Personalized Low Carb Diet Plan & Ignite Your Fat Burning Hormones. I Use This Strategy Myself [Part 2]

personalized diet plan

In my last post I shared with you a weight loss technique I’ve started using on myself and with my clients regarding measuring blood sugar at home at various times during the day. You then use the results of your experiment to form a diet strategy tailored specifically to YOU and your personal metabolism to…

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How Measuring Blood Sugar Can Help You Balance Your Fat Burning Hormones & Lose Body Fat [Part 1]

measuring blood sugar

A few weeks ago I was speaking with a coaching client of mine who was disappointed with her lack of fat loss despite months and months of “doing all the right things”. After a little probing, I discovered that, as of her last visit to her doctor, she had fasting blood sugar levels that were…

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4 “Five-Minute or Less” Simple Ways to Lose Weight. I do them all but swear by #3.

simple ways to lose weight

Did you ever hear the phrase, “keep it simple, stupid”(or KISS, for short)? Well, I’m a big believer in keeping things really simple, including all of the fat burning strategies I give you on this blog as well as in my ebooks. The fact is, the more simple I can make something for you, the more…

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How to Easily Lose Weight by Crushing Your Weight Loss Obstacles

how to easily lose weight

I hear it all the time… A bunch of excuses reasons for why my clients haven’t been able to reach their weight loss goals on their own. “I don’t have time to prepare healthy meals.” “I don’t like exercising”. “It’s too cold to go for a walk outside.” “I’m not sure how to lose weight.”…

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New Research Insight Highlights 3 Ways Your Online Business is Making You Fat

weight loss blog

I can’t believe it happened to me… After 11 years in sales as an Account Manager for Fortune 1,000 companies, I decided I was going to leave the corporate world behind in pursuit of a better lifestyle – a lifestyle with the freedom and flexibility to work around the life I wanted to live while…

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