1 Trick for Cutting Calories

susan truffles

I can’t lie.

I overindulged in holiday goodies this week while I celebrated Christmas.

I held tough right up until Sunday, December 23rd – the day Scott and I went to his family’s house. His Mom makes the most amazing holiday cookies. And lots of them!

I especially enjoy those peanut butter cookies with the Hershey Kiss in the middle.

You know the ones!

And she knows this. I swear she made triple the amount of them as she usually does, and it was very difficult to resist them. I must have had about a dozen of them before we even sat down for dinner.

I’m so weak!

On December 24th my Dad and his wife, and my aunts and uncles came over to our house to visit with us, along with my sister and nephew. What you probably don’t know about me is that I am a nervous entertainer.

Say what?

I mean, I get all worked up when we invite people over, as if nothing I do will ever be enough to keep my guests happy.

Can you relate?

As a result, I over bought on everything and served way too much food. My vice at holiday parties are pigs in a blanket and of course I just had to serve them. Let’s just say that I had more than my share of those…

By Christmas day I had done a month’s worth of damage! But it didn’t stop there (hanging head in shame).

Apparently, it’s freakin’ hysterical to give a health and fitness freak who everyone knows is strict with her diet the gift of chocolate. So, while I was eating my peanut butter Hershey Kiss cookies and pigs in a blanket, I was chasing them down with peppermint M&M’s, Ghiradeli squares, Lindt truffles, and chocolate covered cherries.


Thank goodness I wore my pants with the elastic waste band!

But by the 26th I had had enough. I was disgusted with myself and I felt gross and lethargic. So, I knew my fun was over and I took action.

I gathered up all the candy and cookies that were in the house and I got rid of most of it. I gave some away to the neighbors, some to my nephew, and threw the cheap crap in the garbage.

I did save some of the good stuff, of which I instructed Scott to hide. This isn’t a new strategy in our household. He has to keep chocolate out of my reach at most times. He calls it “saving you from yourself”. HAHA awesome!

He is a great weight loss motivation for me, well, a motivation to always look and feel my best. I hope I am the same for him as well.

If the chocolate and other naughtiness is out of the house, I won’t eat it.

And neither will you.

The best thing you can do for yourself right now is to get rid of everything in the house you know will sabotage your diet moving forward.

Candies, cookies, ice cream (crap, I just remembered there is ice cream cake in the freezer), cake, breads, pastas, etc. Get rid of them all now and I bet you will undo any diet damage you did during the holidays by the New Year.

weight loss motivationGo do that now. Happy New Year!

You’re Weight Loss Coach,

Susan Campbell, MS

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