3 More Celebs Who Use Anabolic Steroids

IF you go to a local gym then chances are you have either tried an anabolic steroid or you have been pushed to do so by that pushy guy at the gym who is 5 times bigger than every one of us. Either way, you have plenty of knowledge of what they are, what they do and who takes them at your gym. However, you might not know that A LOT of people in Hollywood are juicing up too. From action stars that you will remember well to today’s artists, here are 3 more celebrities who use anabolic steroids to stay looking young, fit and buff…

Britney Spears

Yep. You heard that right. When we think of anabolic steroids, we often think of people like Dwayne Johnson or Hulk Hogan but we do not think of small, tiny chicks like Britney Spears. Actually going public with the news that she used them, Britney said that they were a part of her comeback during her breakdown years. They help her to keep her body toned, slim and energized for tour. Who knew?


It has been a long time since we heard a song from Timberland but back in the 90s all you heard were songs from Timberland. Today he is still producing records for some of today’s top artists… and he has also made major health changes when it comes to working out. Remember when he was a little chubby? Not anymore. Today he could probably beat me up and he owes that to plenty of hard work and the help of steroids. He probably also has a kick-a$$ trainer too. I mean, if you have the means… use it.

Mary J. Blige

Here is another surprising name on our list and while she probably did not use the drug to get buff… she may have used it to stay looking young. A lot of people say that anabolic steroids can help you look younger and stars are taking advantage of this, helping them to stay wrinkle free. If you have seen Mary J. Blige since her hay-day, then you know that she still pretty much looks the same. If this is why, then we are all for it. Everyone wants to stay younger longer and if steroids help and are safe for you… why not?

We all know someone who uses anabolic steroids. While we always recommend that people think about their health before they use them, we know that not everyone will listen… so we will say it again. If you have heart or kidney issues, these steroids may not be for you… but take heart. There are plenty of other supplements you can use safely. We mean, what’s the point of being swole… if you’re dead. Right? RIGHT.