5 Fast Weight Loss Tips to Overcome Obstacles

weight loss obstacles

Today I want to share 5 fast weight loss tips that we don’t talk about too often but that are still extremely important to our weight loss success.

They’re weight loss motivation strategies, really.

In life, it appears that we are our own biggest obstacles to successfully achieving our goals.

YOU are your own biggest obstacle.

We procrastinate the tasks we should be doing, we find other less meaningful things to waste our time with (facebook games), and even talk ourselves out of the fact that we actually deserve to succeed.

Over the years, I have worked with many people who get in their own way of meeting their weight loss goals.

And while I can lay out a safe weight loss plan for them to follow, I can’t force them to follow it, that’s up to them.

Here are 5 fast weight loss tips you can start using today to jump start your weight loss.

1. Have Passion

When it comes to achieving any goal, you greatly increase your chances of success if you are passionate about the outcome.

For example, there are many reasons why people attempt to lose weight. I’ve seen people who want to be leaner so they can attract their soul mate. I’ve also seen people who try to lose weight because it was mandated by their doctor or spouse.

The difference between these two scenarios is their level of desire, and therefore commitment, to lose weight.

If you have your eye on someone and you want to look your best for them there may be a greater level of effort than if your spouse is nagging you to lose weight. You may not want to stop eating fried foods or start exercising enough to make them happy.

The outcome has to make YOU happy.

You have to find a reason to lose weight that you are truly passionate about – one that you will stop at nothing to achieve, because when you do achieve it you will be happy. Otherwise, no external motivation in the world can kick you in the ass enough to meet the goal if it really isn’t what you want to do.

Action item: Find a reason to lose weight, improve your health, feel better that you can be passionate about.

2. Focus On Getting Started, Not Finishing

It is often recommended that you visualize your desired outcome when working towards a goal. In the case of weight loss, you may visualize yourself looking hot in a bikini or finishing a 5K.

But sometimes this visual can be daunting and leave us paralyzed without making any progress.

Simply getting started working towards our goals can be the most difficult part of the process.

Think about it from a project point of view. You have a project that you need to start and complete in 3 days. You are excited to complete the project, but you are having a hard time knowing where to start.

We’ve all been there and it’s no different when it comes to trying to lose weight.

You are passionate about losing weight. You even follow my step by step blueprint on how to eat and workout to meet your goals. You can’t wait to get started but somehow you just can’t seem to take the first step.

Sound familiar?

Focusing on your end result is a really good strategy when working towards a goal, but it doesn’t work for everyone. It can paralyze us.

Instead of focusing on the 10, 20, 30 + pounds you have to lose and being daunted by the task, just start doing small things that will get you on your way. Cut our bread, start strength training, get rid of all the junk in your pantry.

Once you do enough of those things they will begin to add up and snowball. Before you know it you will be rolling down hill to a smaller pant size!

Action item: Just do something, anything, TODAY to get you started working towards your goal.

3. Progress, Not Perfection

We can be paralyzed by so many things. Perfection is a big one.

Are you one of those people that needs to do everything perfectly or it isn’t worth doing? I often am.

There are about a zillion ways that this issue can thwart your success when trying to lose weight.

For example, it’s a random girl’s night out with your friends and you go out to a restaurant for dinner and drinks.

And while you’re there it’s clear that everyone is throwing caution to the wind and going all out. You order high calorie drinks, fried calamari, and spinach artichoke dip to start.

You tell yourself that you aren’t going to indulge but once it gets to the table and is sitting there all hot and steamy in front of you you quickly cave in. And that’s just the start of it.

Truly, it’s ok.

Now I’m not giving you permission to cheat on your diet. No ma’am.

But I am telling you to cut yourself some slack because you don’t need to be perfect to lose weight, at least not 100% of the time.

If you plan the right way, you can eat and exercise appropriately during the day before you go out which will help your cause. And then perhaps you could do a 24 hour fast the next day.

There are things you can do to help you continue progressing in times of imperfection.

And progressing is what is important.

Action: Focus on progress not perfection when it comes to losing weight.

4. Control Negative Self Talk

Admittedly, I have a very loud voice in my head telling me I suck and that I will fail.

I have never really admitted that to anyone, people think I am very strong and confident. And really, I am those things.

But I hear my own voice telling me otherwise, especially when I have a lofty goal set for myself.

I’ve tried and tired over the years to make her go away, to no avail. So I have had to learn coping mechanisms to minimize her voice and not listen to what I hear.

Does this sound at all familiar? Do you have a negative voice inside your head?

You MUST figure out a way to minimize this voice. If you are able to do so you will have a much greater chance of meeting your weight loss goals.

Action: Ignore your inner demon and stop sabotaging yourself.

5. Social Support for Accountability

This is perhaps one of the most effective things you can do to ensure you meet your weight loss goals.

Social support is absolutely imperative to your success and is often the missing piece of the weight loss puzzle.

There are a few ways you can go about enlisting social support:

First, get a workout buddy. This works great when it is a friend who you can schedule workouts with throughout the week. This can be a great time to catch up and spend time together while motivating each other to keep working hard.

The best part is that it is very hard to cancel on your friend if you don’t have a good excuse.

Second, you must get the support of your spouse and everyone else who you live with. So, if you are going to start following a paleo diet then you must make sure that your husband and your children help keep non paleo foods out of reach.

No man or woman is an island and we do occasionally need a little extra help. So make sure to take advantage.

Action: get a workout buddy and make sure everyone in your house supports your weight loss efforts.


I often focus on the physical things that you need to do to lose weight: cardio intervals, lots of walking, intermittent fasting, paleo/low carb nutrition, etc.

And the weight loss motivation type tips unfortunately often gets swept under the rug. So that’s why I really wanted to address them today.

Please take action on each one of the tips I talked about today. Remember, you are the biggest obstacle to your own success.

Your Weight Loss Coach,weight loss motivation

Susan Campbell, MS

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