Should You Accept That You’re Overweight?

Scott and I spent last week in one of our favorite places we’ve ever visited, Acadia National Park, ME.

We’ve been there two other times in the past but always seem to find a way to experience new aspects of the area and enjoy our time there. There were many highlights of this trip for me.

First, was the infamous pop-overs at the Jordan Pond House. For those of you who have been there before I don’t have to explain why these are so special. They’re simply hot buttery goodness with homemade strawberry jam. I’m not a bread girl, but these things are to die for. Yes, I cheated a little¬†on my vacation regarding my diet. Please don’t hold it against me!

Second, was our hike up the South Bubble at Jordan Pond. It is a short, steep hike that has an amazing view of Eagle Lake, Jordan Pond and the Ocean as a reward for the effort. There’s also a huge boulder on the summit called Balance Rock that seemingly dangles precariously on the ledge as if it could fall at any moment. If you’re a fan of the WLL Facebook Page then you saw the pic I posted of Scott and I trying to push the rock off the cliff. Didn’t happen.

The third highlight for me was the time we spent at the beach. Living in upstate NY we have our fair share of water, but it’s not every day that I can make my way to the ocean. I could sit there all day and listen to the waves and watch the people. Speaking of people watching, when you go to a public place like a beach you definitely see all kinds of different people. Different ethnicities, different styles, and different body types.

According to the Food Research Action Center, the obesity rate in the US is growing at an alarming rate. Something like 68.8% of the population is considered overweight or obese now, and that number grows every year. Isn’t that crazy? I noticed a few people carrying a little extra weight on the beach wearing bathing suits and even bikinis. When I first noticed them, my initial thought was how proud I was of them for being comfortable enough with their bodies to reveal so much of themselves in public. In fact, I even tried to take that lesson from them to be even more comfortable with myself (I’m not exactly overweight, but we all have things we wish we could change or improve).

And as I sat there thinking about that for awhile, I began to wonder if accepting a flaw like being overweight is really what we should be doing.

Don’t you hear that all the time from celebrity fitness people? You’re SUPPOSED to love and accept your body. It’s all part of loving yourself. And somehow, by loving yourself your extra weight is going to come off easier and faster.

Hmmmm….sounds fishy.

So, I started to think about how maybe we shouldn’t accept the fact that we have ANY flaw, especially when that flaw is being overweight. Being overweight is something you can change.

Perhaps if you don’t accept it and you aren’t comfortable with it then it might just motivate and drive you to DO something about it.

Because when we accept things we become complacent. And when we are complacent we stop working to achieve our goals. That certainly won’t help you lose weight to matter how much you love and accept yourself.

So, my challenge to you today is to get fired up. I want you to challenge your status quo.

I want you to take a good look at yourself and be honest about what you’re unhappy with about yourself that you can work on improving. If you really don’t like the way you look and feel than take action and DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT.

Start today. Start right now.

  • Start walking every day.
  • Start eliminating trans fats and sugar from your diet.
  • Set weight loss goals and share them with others.
  • Get a weight loss buddy to help hold you accountable.
  • Learn and then do the most effective cardio for weight loss.
  • Stop drinking your calories.
  • Start focusing on food quality and nutrient density.
  • Do yoga for weight loss

These are all things you can do each day to help you reach your weight loss goals. Take action today for great reward tomorrow.

You CAN do this!

NEVER accept the flaws in yourself that you have the power to change and improve. You’ll love yourself a whole lot more when you achieve your weight loss goals.

Let me know your thoughts in the comments below.

Your Weight Loss Coach,

Susan Campbell, MS