Cardio Sucks! The TRUTH About Cardio for Weight Loss [& What to Do Instead]

cardio and weight lossMy latest weight loss client didn’t know the TRUTH about cardio for weight loss.

Before we began working together she spent 5+ days per week at the gym doing cardio for almost an hour!


Who has time for that?

And more importantly, it wasn’t even working! She hadn’t lost a single pound since she began doing that crazy routine weeks earlier.

Thankfully, once she recruited me to help her reach her weight loss goals, I was able to share the TRUTH with her.

And in my latest ebook, I share the TURTH with you as well ==>

The Truth About Cardio for Weight Loss

As you know, I love to rag on the fitness industry and how they’ve been telling us for years about how great long, slow cardio is for losing weight just so they can sell a few more treadmills, star climbers, ellipticals, and gym memberships.

And while I fully acknowledge that this type of “chronic cardio” has its place in a solid fitness program (it’s really the foundation of health, well being and fitness) nowhere in the literature does it say that it’s been shown to directly cause weight loss.

This is a problem for me, because we’ve been lied to, and consequently we’ve seen overuse injuries, inflammation and heart conditions, and a waste of time as a result of people going overboard on cardio.

That’s why I wrote my latest ebook, The Truth About Cardio for Weight Loss <== Grab your copy now.

I wanted to blow the whistle and prove once and for all that chronic cardio is NOT how people lose weight. I even share with you several scientific research studies to prove it.

More importantly, you will discover exactly which type of cardio WILL work to help you lose your unwanted body fat. Moreover, this exercise will also increase your muscular strength and endurance, balance your blood sugar, make you way happier, and take up virtually no time at all.

And of course, I share with you several research studies that prove this point.

4- Minute Fat Burning Workouts

Not only do I present the theory to you in my latest ebook, but I also provide actionable content as well. Come on, do you think I’d write a fluff book? All of my ebooks have given you a strategy to follow at the end and this guide is no different.

You will discover 27, 4-minute fat burning workouts designed for ultimate fat burning in mind, based on the research I present to you in the book.

There is something for everyone with these workouts:

  • beginners and more advanced fitness levels
  • men and women
  • people who want to workout at home and those who prefer the gym
  • people who use equipment to workout with and those that prefer their own bodyweight
  • people who have little time to dedicate to exercise
  • people who hate jogging
  • people who have some physical disabilities

The bottom line is, there’s no real excuse for you not to grab a copy and learn the truth now. And this information is something you MUST know if you want to achieve your weight loss goals at all.

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