Do I REALLY Want To Lose Weight

do i really want to lose weight

Have you ever asked yourself the question, “Do I REALLY want to lose weight?”.

Over the last 15 years, I’ve had hundreds of people approach me to help them lose weight. Some meet their weight loss goals, some don’t. And while there are dozens of different reasons why we succeed or fail at something, there is one reason why people who try to lose weight fail that I continue to see over and over again.

And these folks tell me they try EVERYTHING! From eating low carb to working out to portion control, they try and try and try.

But first, let’s take a step back and talk about all the different reasons why one might want to lose weight. Some reasons might include:

  • fit in smaller clothes
  • decrease risk or control diabetes
  • decrease risk of heart disease
  • decrease risk of cancer
  • decrease blood pressure
  • decrease cholesterol
  • decrease inflammation
  • be around for your kids
  • live longer
  • look better naked
  • be more attractive to others
  • feel better about yourself

These are all perfectly valid reasons why you might want to lose weight. However, they are not equal in value.

Let’s say that you met someone that you are attracted to but you think you need to lose weight before they will be attracted to you back. You have been single for over a year and you are feeling very lonely. You decide to take the necessary steps to lose weight – you WANT to succeed and feel very passionate about this because you really want this person to like you the way you like them. You meet your goal with very few issues. Awesome!

On the flip side, what if, on a recent visit to your doctor, you were informed that you had high blood pressure and that it was most likely because of the extra weight you were carrying. Perhaps lowering your blood pressure isn’t as exciting or rewarding as attracting someone you wish to spend time with. So, you might not give 100% effort to lose weight in this situation. You make excuses for why you ate the pizza and why you skipped a walk. You just don’t really want to lose weight.

It’s a matter of perception. It’s a matter of motivation.

Have you ever felt like this?

If you’re reading this and you are human then chances are spectacular that you have been on a diet at some point in your life. You cut out your favorite foods, you might go hungry most of the day, and you probably even bust your butt working out. All these things are sacrifices you have made to reach your weight goal.

How easily were you convinced by a friend to skip the gym and hit a local pub or restaurant instead?

How often did you indulge in potato chips, french fries, or pizza, knowing it would negate any progress you had made?

How easy was it to sit and play on Facebook instead of going out for a long walk?

How often did “just one bite” turn into licking the plate clean?

Do You REALLY Want To Lose Weight

I’m sure you want to lose weight. You’re here reading this and that’s my first clue.

But really, many of us all want to improve ourselves physically, even if we don’t actively work on those goals 100% of the time.

But do you REALLY Want To Lose Weight? Really?

Are you willing to stay strong and pass up your favorite indulgent foods most of the time?

Are you willing to commit to a sound exercise program that will help boost your metabolism?

Do you have a really motivating reason why you want to lose weight?

If you said yes to these questions, then you have come to the right place.

And the good news is I have a fool proof way to lose weight without killing yourself in workouts or starving yourself or even depriving yourself of your favorite foods.

Sounds good, right?

The bad news is that no diet and exercise weight loss plan will work for every single person. We are all different. We are all unique.

The good news is that with guidance from me as to how to lose weight and a little experimentation by you we can definitely figure this thing out!

If you DO really want to lose weight then read and remember these guidelines for real weight loss.

1. Eat real food - mostly plants and animals.

2. Eat some healthy fats.

3. Eat fruit, dairy, nuts, seeds, and alcohol in moderation.

4. Eliminate grains or keep to a minimum.

5. Supplement your diet with Omega 3 and Vitamin D3 as a minimum.

6. Enjoy herbs and spices.

7. Eliminate sugar and processed packaged foods as much as you can.

8. Use intermittent fasting to further stabilize insulin, glucose, and leptin levels.

9. No need for snacking. Wait 5-6 hours in between meals.

10. Have a cheat day or cheat meal on the weekend.

11. Move as often as possible – walk as often as you can.

12. Use metabolic resistance training 3x per week.

13. Surround yourself with people who help you achieve your weight loss goals.

What will you do with this information?

If you really want to lose weight you will print the guidelines out and tape them to your refrigerator where you can remind yourself of the plan you need to follow every single day. Review one point everyday to keep yourself in check.

Throughout this site you will find awesome weight loss information, tips, and tricks (including diets, workouts, natural supplements, etc) that will help you lose all the fat you want, IF you really want to lose weight.

You CAN transform your body.

You CAN fit into smaller clothes.

You CAN look great naked.

You CAN attract the person of your dreams.

You CAN increase your health and decrease your risk of cancer, heart disease, and diabetes.

You CAN feel happy.

And you DON’T have to do it alone. I’m here.

Your weight loss coach,

Susan Campbell, MS

weight loss motivation

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