Eat Real Food to Reclaim Your Health & Lose Weight

eat real foodThere’s a ton of buzz words right now in the diet industry – paleo, primal, low carb, low fat and gluten-free, just to name a few.

And while some of these “diets” are based on sound scientific research (while others are not), the one thing that any effective diet plan has in common is one thing.

They promote eating real food.

Why Should You Eat Real Food?

The answer is right within your question – because it’s real. It’s food.

The majority of what most people eat these days is fake food. Fake food meaning it was manufactured in a plant with additional ingredients added to it and then packaged and sold in a bag, box or can.

That’s NOT real food.

Go grab anything you have in the kitchen right now that’s in a bag, box or can and read the ingredients. I guarantee you that 95% of the items you look at has more than 5 ingredients on the nutrition label.

Why only 95%?

Because there are a few products you can find that come from a manufacturers plant that are ok to eat, I will talk more about that at another time. However, perhaps you’ll be able to find one or two of them in your home after reading this.

The truth is, if you look at the back of your peanut butter jar and see more ingredients that raw peanuts and salt then you’re not eating real food. Because any additional ingredients beyond that are going to be chemicals, additives, artificial sweeteners and preservatives that are going to make you sick, tired and fat.

You need to minimize the consumption of any food with more than 1 ingredient.

For example:

Cucumbers. Cucumbers are a 1 ingredient food. It’s real food. Eat away.

Steak. Steak is a 1 ingredient food. It’s real food. By all means, please eat it.

Salad dressing. In my formerly favorite brand of dressing there are 14 ingredients, including nasty ones such as soybean oil, sugar, corn syrup, MSG, and natural flavors.

That’s NOT real food. Avoid it at all costs or suffer the price of getting diabetes, heart disease, cancer, obesity, and lack of energy.

It’s you’re choice really. But since you’re here and still reading I assume that you’re into this and would like a little more information about how to eat real food and all the great benefits you will see from it.

So, I have taken the time to provide for you here some good reads on the subject to help you further understand how eating fake food can be making you overweight.

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