The #1 Priority in Your Day

Business owners know the secret to achieving their business goals.

Yet most of them only apply this secret to their business life.

But what if they applied this knowledge to other areas of their life, such as their health and fitness?

They know that you need to wake up and immediately give your attention to the #1 most important task that will have the greatest impact on your business. Otherwise, the distractions of the day get in the way and prevent you from completing the important tasks.

Working to achieve your weight loss and health goals is no different.

It is quite possible that, if you do not exercise within a short time of starting your day you will find plenty of excuses to skip it all together.

This is such a prevalent issue that I thought anyone who is looking to lose unwanted body fat, increase their fitness and reclaim their health should pay attention to this information.

In this article, we will discuss the importance of developing a morning exercise routine and my simple strategy for doing so.

Life Always Gets in the Way

According to Craig Ballantyne, Editor at, most people fail to do their #1 most important activity first.

Craig claims that getting caught up in your day of doing “important work” will prevent you from doing the important work that will actually make a difference to your life, business, etc.

Moreover, Chris Freytag, national fitness expert and board member of the American Council on Fitness said:

“People who work out in the early morning tend to stay more consistent because there are fewer obstacles at 6 am then there are at 6 pm”.

We have to prioritize the tasks that are going to make us successful in all areas of our life, be it our careers, our family life and our health.

Often times, however, the obstacles from our every day lives get in the way of those tasks and we spend the majority of our time focused on putting out fires.

That’s why I believe that you should pick the #1 priority from each area of your life and focus on them first thing in the morning, making them a part of your morning routine.

This will ensure priority tasks get the attention they deserve to help you achieve your goals in that particular area.

Jason VanOrden, online business owner and co-founder of, knows the importance of incorporating his high priority tasks into his morning routine. Here’s a snippet of a conversation we had about it on Twitter:

morning routine exercise

exercise in the morning

As you can see, Jason chooses to complete tasks that will have the greatest impact on his fitness and his business before his life gets in the way.

Let’s now discuss how you can develop your morning exercise routine.

The “Exercise in the Morning” Strategy

Utilizing this strategy is as “simple” as developing a new habit of daily physical activity first thing in the morning.

Here are the steps for incorporating activity into your morning routine.

1. Make working out in the morning your only new habit you practice at this time of day.

Research has shown that working on multiple new habits at the same time can be detrimental to you developing any of those habits. Choose one new habit to develop at a time and really focus on that.

2. Wake up early(er).

One of the biggest keys to successfully reaching any goal is to wake up early and tackle the tasks that will help you achieve your goal before the rest of the world even wakes up.

If you already wake up early enough to have enough time to exercise, you can begin your daily workouts now.

If you need to get up earlier to have the time, then just practice getting up earlier to start. This goes back to just working on one new habit at a time.

Waking up earlier is a new habit in and of itself and trying to get out of bed early AND exercise each day may result in failure of both habits.

So, focus on rising earlier and then tackle the exercise habit.

Use 15 minute blocks of time to wake up earlier and earlier each week, working up to 60 minutes. Start slowly.

3. Follow a pre-defined weekly exercise plan.

Just as in business, it is important for you to know exactly what tasks (workouts) you need to do each day to move you closer to your goals. Have a well-scheduled out exercise plan so you don’t waste time each morning figuring out what tools you need or what exercises you will be doing.

I outline a great example of a weekly exercise strategy in this blog post.

4. Expect obstacles and learn to work around them.

Let’s face it, sh!t happens and you’ll just have to make accommodations for it.

It might be that you won’t be able to devote an entire hour to physical activity, rather only 20 minutes. In this case you may be able to do a long walk in the evening or still squeeze in a few of my 4 minute fat burners in that time.

I’ve got 2 done-for-you ways to exercise:

Click here for 27, 4-minute fat burning workouts in my ebook, The Truth About Cardio.

Click here for my Home Workouts program with 3 months worth of 20 minute workouts.

Or your kids may be sick and need you close to them. You may end up skipping the day’s workout all together and start fresh in the morning.

Whatever it is, doge and weave around your obstacles as best as possible. But when REAL obstacles get in the way, give your attention to where it’s needed and start fresh the next day.

Wrapping Things Up

Developing the new exercise in the morning habit may be challenging and take a little time.

But in the end, your new habit will be an asset to your health and waistline.

Just follow my 4 step strategy and you’ll have developed your daily physical activity habit in no time.

Now I have a question for you…

Do you or someone you know have a morning routine? Do you focus on the #1 priority for your day or do you get caught up doing less important stuff? How has this impacted your health?

Let me know your story in the comments below…

I just gave you the solution for letting physical activity fall by the wayside and a strategy for prioritizing exercise in your life. Would you please share this article with a friend, family member, or co-worker that could benefit from this strategy?