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Last night I was doing an interval training workout at my local park with my Gymboss Interval Timer and debating on the topic I was going to write about for you today.

Then it hit me – I’d share with you the workout I was personally doing and how I use the Gymboss exercise interval timer during my workouts to help me improve my fitness and lose weight.

If you have been following me and this blog for more than 30 seconds then you know my claim to fame is designing awesome and super effective home workouts that consists of strength training and interval training – very little long, slow cardio (you know, what you have been convinced you need to do for weight loss). These types of workouts result in much greater weight loss in a shorter period of time as well as greatly ramp up your fitness level.

This interval training style of working out is great for doing at home, at the park, out in your back yard, or standing in line at the grocery store (ok, that last one might be a stretch). And if you love going to the gym like dorks like me, then you can do them there too.

When you perform interval training, you are essentially alternating short bursts of higher intensity activity with a subsequent rest period.

For example, let’s say you want to lose a few pounds so you decide to try interval training while riding your bike at the park. You decide on an interval split of 30 seconds on and 30 seconds off. That means you will pedal very hard for 30 seconds and then pedal easy for the next 30 seconds. You would probably keep time by using a stopwatch on your wrist or on your phone, just eyeball your watch, or maybe even wing it because you don’t have a stopwatch or ride your bike carrying your phone.

This scenario makes for a cumbersome exercise session. Who the hell wants to keep checking their stopwatch when they concentrating on giving their maximal effort? More often then not, the times are inaccurate, and you don’t get the best results you could be getting if the process was a little less obtrusive.

This was my problem for quite a while. In fact, not only did I find this a huge issue in my own workouts, but I found it to be a pain while I was leading local fitness bootcamps.

Until one day I found the Gymboss Interval Timer and all of our workouts became much more pleasant.

Gymboss Review

  • Allows you to set your exercise interval.
  • Allows you to set your recover interval.
  • Allows you to set the number of exercise/recovery intervals you wish to complete during your workout.
  • Beeps at you when each interval is over and you should begin doing the next interval.
  • Clips onto your clothes or your bike, depending upon your exercise mode.
  • Also has a basic stopwatch function.
  • Super easy to use and set up takes only seconds.
  • Has a vibrate mode in case you don’t want to draw attention to yourself in a crowded place, such as the gym. But hey, how needs the gym?
  • Perfect for any kind of intervals including sprints, box jumps, burpees, jump ropes, battling ropes, bodyweight exercises, tabatas, and all the other awesome workout routines I show you at
  • Can take a slickin’ – I beat the thing up pretty good.
  • Small and lightweight, you won’t even know you have it on you.
  • I have had my Gymboss for 2 years now and have never had an issue with the battery.
  • I have truly loved using my Gymboss these last few years. It makes not only my own personal workouts a breeze but greatly simplifies my personal training clients’ and bootcampers’ workouts as well.

The bottom line is that this neat little exercise interval timer has proved to be worth both MY and YOUR weight in gold.

The one thing I am disappointed in is that it does not have a backlight so if for some reason you are using it in the dark and need to actually see the numbers it can be a little challenging. But most of the time you are relying on the beeps or the vibrates to indicate your next move.

But for a measly $19.95 how can you go wrong? The advantage the Gymboss gives you is worth 10x that amount.

Sample Workout for Exercise Interval Timer

I truly hope you decide to pick up a Gymboss for yourself. I guarantee it will make the cardio potion of your workout routines a hell of a lot more manageable.

And when you do grab one, please make the following interval training workout the first one you try. It is super simple but highly effective. And of course, no gym needed, do this workout right at home!

  • Basic burpees – 30 seconds: Rest – 30 seconds
  • Sprint in place – 30 seconds: Rest – 30 seconds
  • Basic burpees – 30 seconds: Rest – 30 seconds
  • Sprint in place – 30 seconds: Rest – 30 seconds
  • Basic burpees – 30 seconds: Rest – 30 seconds
  • Sprint in place – 30 seconds: Rest – 30 seconds
  • Basic burpees – 30 seconds: Rest – 30 seconds
  • Sprint in place – 30 seconds: Rest – 30 seconds
  • Basic burpees – 30 seconds: Rest – 30 seconds
  • Sprint in place – 30 seconds: Rest – 30 seconds

*please be sure to warm up and stretch appropriately before attempting this workout.

*set your Gymboss for 30 seconds for both interval 1 and interval 2.

*this workout should be a total of 10 minutes. If this is to long to begin with, start with 6 minutes and work up to 12 minutes.

Grab Your Gymboss Interval Timer by Clicking Here Now.

gymboss review