New Research Insight Highlights 3 Ways Your Online Business is Making You Fat

I can’t believe it happened to me…

After 11 years in sales as an Account Manager for Fortune 1,000 companies, I decided I was going to leave the corporate world behind in pursuit of a better lifestyle – a lifestyle with the freedom and flexibility to work around the life I wanted to live while helping people to overcome their weight loss obstacles.

So, I quit.

I’m a Fitness & Nutrition expert by trade, having received a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology, so I had been doing weight loss coaching as my side hustle the entire time.

I live and breathe this stuff and I practice what I preach. I’ve always been lean, had a ton of energy and had great results of my blood tests.

Until, that is, I started working my online business full time. That’s when I got fat.

I figured it wasn’t just people running online businesses that were having this issue, either.

Anyone who primarily sits for their job are probably having similar experiences with their weight and could benefit from the information in this article.

Is Your Job Making You Fat?

I was excited to dive into creating and growing my online fitness business full time. I was super motivated to get in front of people and help them live a better life.

So, I did what any other eager online business owner would do – I delved head first into creating my website, writing articles, and creating programs to solve my customers’ problems.

I was getting up extra early and staying up way past my bedtime working on these tasks, as well as most of the work day. I was sitting morning, noon and night in front of my computer. I was obsessed. I swore my body was taking on the shape of the chair I was sitting in.

And before I knew it, I (the Weight Loss Coach) had gained 12 pounds.

I also felt super sluggish and my productivity began to suffer.

And if those things weren’t bad enough, my health was beginning to wane, as I got back my first bad blood lipid profile test ever – my triglycerides had gone through the roof.

Sound familiar?

Right away I knew I had started down a potentially dangerous road – a road that if I continued down I knew I would just become more overweight, more unproductive and potentially develop diabetes or heart disease.

Not to mention the fact that few people would hire me to help them lose weight and re-claim their health if I was fat and sick myself.

So, I got to work doing for myself what I’d traditionally done for other people and developed a 3-step plan for reversing the damage I had done to myself.

Let me show you what it looked like…

The 3-Step Fitness Strategy for Online Business Owners to Lose Weight

Each of the 3 strategies listed below was developed based not only on the results of my own self-experimentation and success with using them, but also on the data collected and reported in academic research studies presented in the scientific literature.

1. The “Chair, Interrupted” Strategy.

The first, and most significant change I made was that I began to interrupt my new “chair-based lifestyle” with periods of standing, moving and walking 10,000 steps each day.

As an online business owner you spend too much time sitting in your chair – period. If you’re sitting more than 3 hours each day it’s affecting your ability to burn fat and damaging your health (even if you don’t see it yet).

The goal of the chair, interrupted strategy is to find ways to get yourself up and moving, while still being productive in your work.

Read more about my exact chair, interrupted strategy here in this blog post.

2. The “4-Minute Fat Burner” Strategy

Second, since running on online business took a lot of my time, I needed to figure out ways to lose weight without spending hours at a gym.

That’s why I developed my “4 minute fat burners” and do them in one way or another everyday.

You see, research is clear that doing shorter, more intense workouts result in a 14.7% greater reduction in body fat that longer, slower workouts.

The best part is, they save you time that can be used to focus on growing your business.

Read about my 4 minute fat burner strategy here in this blog post.

3. The “Exercise in the Morning” Strategy

All business owners know that to be successful at anything they need to wake up early and prioritize activities that will bring them closer to reaching their goals.

This is done because, inevitably, the crap from the day will always stand in the way of your workout time. Phone calls, emails, the dishes…

Working to achieve your weight loss and fitness goals is no different. If you want results in these areas badly enough you’ll have to prioritize the activities that will make a difference.

So, I developed a morning routine to accommodate both my #1 priority work AND fitness tasks. That way, as the minutia of the day filtered in and took over my attention, I still accomplished the two things that would move me closer to fitness and work success.

Read about my exercise in the morning strategy and how to develop your routine here in this blog post.

Each of these three strategies are pure gold on their own, but combine them into your own fitness blueprint and you’ll reclaim your health and burn your unwanted body fat in no time.

My Results

I’m happy to report that, because of incorporating these 3 fitness strategies into my day, I lost all of the weight I previously gained and have kept it off. My blood work is back to healthy levels and, best of all, I’m able to hustle again in my business and be super productive.

These strategies worked for me and, if you implement each step as I outline them in my posts, it can work for you too.

Now I’ve got a question for you…

Has working to grow your online business or job resulted in weight gain or other health condition for you or someone else that you know? Or is your job making you fat?

Share your story in the comments below.

Also – do you know someone who might fall prey to this same mistakes?

I showed you how to fix them. You show them how to fix it by sending them a link to this article ;-p.