Kettlebell Exercises for Weight Loss – The Kettlebell Swing

kettlebell exercises for weight loss

The kettlebell swing is probably the best of all the kettlebell exercises for weight loss.

For those of you that aren’t familiar with a kettlebell, it’s a cast-iron ball-shaped weight with a single handle.

Kettlebells come in all different weights to allow you to adjust for your current fitness level.

One of the most effective kettlebell exercise for fat burning is the kettlebell swing.

How to Do the Kettlebell Swing

Start: Start by standing with your feet slightly wider than shoulder width apart with the kettlebell on the floor directly in front of you.

Step 1: Squat down, keeping your lower back flat, bracing your core, and sticking your butt back and out. Pick up the kettlebell with both hands and swing it back in between your legs.

Kettlebell swing home fitness workout

Step 2: Change directions and bring it back through your legs coming out of your squat beginning to stand, keeping your core braced with flat back, and extending the hips. Arms will swing up to about eye level, at which point you will be standing up straight.

2 Arm Kettlebell swing

Finish: Begin to squat back down and swing the kettlebell down and back through the legs. Continue swinging back and forth for the duration of the workout you are following.

Kettlebell swing home fitness workout

Kettlebell Exercises for Weight Loss => Video Demo


Practice: Even though this looks like an easy movement it absolutely will work muscles you haven’t used in a long time. So, it is important when beginning to familiarize yourself with kettlebells not to over do it right out of the gate.

Begin with a thorough full body warm up. Next, aim to swing the kettlebell for 30 seconds. Once you can comfortable do that, start adding time and work your way up to 5 minutes.

Doesn’t sounds like a lot, but I assure you your heart will be racing and you will be dripping with sweat by the time you finish! Definitely one of the best kettlebell exercises for weight loss.

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