The #1 Key to Losing Weight is Balancing Your Hormones. Here’s How…

I recently shared with you my personal struggle with balancing my own hormones now that I’m over 35.

In that post I shared my weight loss success formula:

Balance Your Hormones –> Lose Unwanted Belly Fat –> Reclaim Your Health

By taking appropriate steps to first balance your hormones you will subsequently begin to lose your unwanted body fat.

As you lose this extra weight, you will then begin to reverse any condition or illness you may have that’s associated with the inflammation and imbalance (whether you realize it or not), thus reclaiming your health.

Therefore, the key to losing stubborn body fat - the ONE thing you need to focus all your efforts on – is balancing your hormones.

It’s easier said than done but NOT impossible.

The problem is that every single thing we do and every choice we make either moves us closer to or further away from hormonal balance.

Literally, EVERYTHING in our lives effects our hormones:

  • the food we consume
  • the activities we choose to do or not do
  • our stressful jobs
  • losing our loved ones
  • inhaling environmental pollutants
  • the pesticides on our food
  • the chemicals in our health and beauty products
  • the lack of sleep we get each night

….and those are just a few.

You saw that in my own personal story of hormonal imbalance that I previously referred to. The stress of watching my Dad suffer and slowly die was a MAJOR stressor that severely disrupted my hormones.

My cortisol went through the roof. High cortisol levels blocks the ability for progesterone to do its job and can even prevent progesterone from being produced at all. Low progesterone leads to estrogen dominance which initiates a whole host of maladies.

And it really started to take a toll on my health.

So, I went to work to find a solution I could use to reverse my hormonal imbalance and also maintain balance once I achieved it.

The solution I discovered lays in knowing EXACTLY what those key factors are that are potentially responsible for disrupting your hormone balance, and then taking the steps necessary within each key area to reverse your hormonal imbalance.  

Chances are you have more than one hormonal imbalance and that you will need to address multiple key factors to get yourself back in balance.

In this post I am going to reveal my “Hormonal Balance Blueprint” and, over the course of the entire 7 part post series, provide you with the steps necessary for you to use that blueprint to balance YOUR hormones, lose your belly fat and reclaim your health.

Let’s dive in…

What is Hormonal Imbalance?

Hormones are chemical messengers in the body produced by various organs of the endocrine system that each have a responsibility specific to them.

Hormones all have different roles in the body. When all are balanced and working together you get  a healthy, balanced body full of energy, life and lean muscle.

A balanced body is normally free of extra body fat, disease, allergies, autoimmune conditions or illnesses.

Many of these hormones are indirectly responsible for the health of your metabolism and the rate at which you utilize calories for energy.

Examples of such hormones include:

  • estrogen
  • progesterone
  • testosterone
  • growth hormone
  • leptin
  • insulin
  • ghrelin
  • cortisol
  • thyroid hormone

…and these are just to name some of the more prominent hormones.

When one or more of these hormones don’t work properly, meaning there is more or less of it than there should be, it will create a hormonal imbalance.

A hormonal imbalance most often leads to weight gain, fatigue, insomnia, sluggish metabolism, and illnesses or conditions that otherwise wouldn’t have occurred if hormones were in balance.

The most common hormone imbalance (but certainly not the only imbalance) for women over age 35 is estrogen dominance.

Estrogen dominance occurs when there is a relative increase in estrogen in your body over that of progesterone.

Progesterone is sort of a balance to estrogen. It really doesn’t matter how much total estrogen you have in your body so long as you have adequate levels of progesterone to balance the effects.

It’s common knowledge that a woman’s estrogen levels begins to drop as they age. This drop is responsible for menopause when levels are low enough.

I’ve even heard a lack of estrogen being blamed for ALL the issues women experience during perimenopause (ages 35-menopause).

You know what I mean:

  • increased belly fat
  • chin acne
  • heavier cramping
  • heavier menstual flows
  • fatigue
  • insomnia
  • blood sugar instability
  • sugar cravings
  • moodiness

However, it is NOT a decrease in estrogen that causes all of these issues. It is the relative decrease in progesterone as compared to estrogen.

Check out this image. It shows the blood levels of progesterone and estrogen over the lifespan of a woman.

key to weight loss

As you can see, it is around age 35 when women enter perimenopause that progesterone begins to decrease, and drops pretty quickly.

If you notice, however, estrogen stays pretty high until menopause most likely 15 years later.

So, it isn’t necessarily a decrease in estrogen that gives us women all these horrible symptoms – it’s the drop in progesterone with subsequent estrogen dominance.

Not only do we get estrogen dominance by the simple act of progesterone naturally decreasing over time, we can inadvertently get it from an increase in exogenous estrogen (outside factors causing higher levels of estrogen).

When one hormone is out of balance it can cause others to be out of balance as well, creating a perfect environment for weight gain, disease and illness.

For example, estrogen dominance has been shown to cause problems with blood sugar control. No wonder why so many middle aged women were starting to get diabetes.

For years women experience the nasty side effects, including weight gain, of this hormonal imbalance during perimenopause thinking there’s nothing they can do about it.

I’m out to change all that and discover a way to re-balance these hormones so you can lose the belly fat associated with this time of your life, as well as nip any health issues you may currently be facing as a result in the bud.

Want to discover which of YOUR hormones are out of balance?

Check out this video that shares the top 10 lab tests you can do to find out which hormonal balances you might be dealing with.

(Watch this video right on You Tube)

Simply ask your doctor to have the particular lab test done or find an online laboratory to do it for you, as Dr. Sara suggests in this video.

The Key to Losing Weight Starts with Balancing Your Hormones

I have been researching and self-experimenting looking for ways for women to avoid the dreaded weight gain and related health issues that is often realized after age 35.

I have developed a list of things that can effect your hormone levels and thus need to be closely monitored.

There are 6 key areas that make up the “Hormonal Balance Blueprint”.

They are:

  1. Food
  2. Activity
  3. Stress
  4. Sleep
  5. Chemical Exposure
  6. Supplements

I will be discussing each of these 6 key areas separately in this “key to losing weight” blog post series. This series will have 7 parts, this article being the first.

I will share with you under what conditions each key can lead to a hormonal imbalance, as well as give you an action step to take to get back in balance.

In the next post of this series I will show you how the food you eat can cause estrogen dominance and hormonal imbalance and what you can do to both prevent that from happening, as well as reverse the imbalance.

Yes, hormonal imbalance is just another obstacle you must overcome if you’re going to be successful in achieving your weight loss goals.

Just study my Hormonal Balance Blueprint in this blog series and hormonal imbalance will be one less obstacle you’ll have to tackle.

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