Missing Piece of the Weight Loss Puzzle

social support

I was sitting with Lori, a new weight loss client, at the local coffee shop.

Lori had set a fairly healthy weight loss goal of 45 pounds. After just under six months of trying to lose weight, she sat in front of me only 6 pounds lighter, but extra frustrated and distraught.

“I’m doing everything right.” she said. “Why can’t I lose weight?”

We took the next hour to review everything she’d been doing over the last six months that’s brought her to this moment.

Her exercise routine wasn’t perfect, but she was more active then most of the people reading this article.

Her diet wasn’t perfect either, but she’d done a great job cutting out calories by way of trans fats, sugar, and artificial sweeteners that wreak havoc on your fat loss efforts.

On paper Lori should have lost more weight than she did. But then we took a closer look.

I wanted know find out if she really wanted to lose weight so asked Lori a few questions:

1. What is your motivation to reach your weight loss goals?

2. How does your husband and kids feel about you trying to lose weight?

3. How does your family help support your goals?

4. What accountability system do you have in place to assure you do what you need to do to succeed?

5. Where did you get your current diet and exercise plan?

6. Who else in your life besides your family do you have to support
your efforts?

Lori’s answers to these questions were very telling.

First, we discovered that, although Lori’s family was behind her desire to lose weight, they really didn’t offer her what she needed. The kids were one thing, but her husband was another.

We figured out that every night Lori’s husband ate a giant bowl of ice cream with hot fudge and whipped cream. Having the ice cream flaunted in front of her like that made it very difficult for her to resist it. She definitely snuck in a little too much because of proximity.

Lori decided it would be best to ask her husband to cut back on the ice cream because it would help her reach her goals.

Second, we determined that Lori really had no accountability system when it came to her weight loss plan. When she ate the ice cream, no one was the wiser, and she continued down that road.

We decided that she needed to have someone in her life, someone that was working towards a similar goal as she was, that could help hold her accountable for her slip ups.

For this, I “buddied” her up with another weight loss client of mine who also needed an accountability system. They were to check in with each other daily and report on their day.

Third, Lori informed me that she really didn’t know where she got her weight loss plan from, and that she sort of just put together something she thought would work.

In working with me, Lori enlisted a mentor – someone to coach her through the process, provide useful information, and motivate her to reach her goal.

I tweaked her diet and workout plan, discussed a secret to losing weight, and sent her on her way. We worked the plan together for the next 3 months.

Her husband stopped bringing home fun, tasty desserts.

She spoke almost everyday to her “support buddy” about what she was eating, exercise she had done, and found it very motivating.

And by using a diet and workout plan designed by a professional (that’s me), she got the missing piece of the weight loss puzzle.

Social support.

You see, we all need help, mentoring, guidance, motivation, and a sound strategy when working towards a goal.

Lori was no different. After 3 months, Lori was down 21 pounds and was well on her way to achieving her weight loss goal.

weight loss motivationDo you have the proper social support to reach YOUR weight loss goals?

Your Weight Loss Coach,

Susan Campbell, MS

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