Paleo Desserts – Berries N’ Cream Fruitbar

Paleo Desserts

I’ve been continuing on my quest to find the most amazing tasting, creamy and chocolaty desserts that happen to be amazing for you.

My last creation, the Chocolate Almond Butter Fudgesicle was awesome, I just wished it had been a little more creamy and a little less icy.

You may already know that dairy has always been my weakness.

For some people their weaknesses are carbs, such as bread or pretzels.

Not me. I could eat a soft serve chocolate and vanilla twist ice cream cone every day of the week. In fact, over the years I’ve scouted out all of the best ice cream places in every part of Upstate NY (what a LOSER).

But a few years ago I started following a Paleo Diet, one that focuses on natural foods such as leafy greens, vegetables, meat, and healthy fats.

Dairy, unfortunately, is NOT on the Paleo menu.

It contains quite a bit of sugar that has been shown to seriously raise blood glucose and insulin levels. That’s why dairy is also limited on a low carb diet.

Milk from conventionally farmed cows contains hormones, blood, and even antibiotics. Not to mention it’s essentially breast milk from another animal. Some people can argue that’s just unnatural.

So, I started cutting out my ice cream and most other dairy. One summer a few years ago I managed to only eat 2 cones the whole time! Brutal!

It’s been quite a while now that I’ve seriously limited my dairy intake. And now, when I do treat myself I feel like total ass. My throat closes up and I get all mucousy. I actually really hate how eating dairy makes me feel now. I never realized it was causing such serious inflammation in my body.

That’s why I’m always on the lookout for a treat that’s creamy like dairy, but doesn’t actually have any in it.

You know, I’m all about making good food just seem naughty.

Today, I’ve got one to share with you.

Paleo Desserts – Berries N’ Cream Fruit Bar

Here’s what you need for this to come together.


  • 1 cup unsweetened almond milk
  • 1 scoop vanilla protein powder (I use this kind)
  • 2 cups frozen mixed berries
  • 1 frozen banana (must be frozen, it’s the key to making this creamy like ice cream)


  1. Throw all the ingredients in the blender and blend until smooth. Beware that the frozen banana is going to cause the mixture to get very creamy and thick.
  2. Pour or scoop your mixture into your popsicle molds and insert sticks.
  3. Place on freezer for at least 8 hours.
  4. What you take out of the freezer is the most creamy, flavorful, treat. You’ll love it.

The best part is that it is made of only whole, natural, single ingredient foods. Even if you could find an equally amazing treat in the freezer section of your grocery store it won’t be as healthy for you. There’s just too much junk in any food that comes in a box, bag, or package.

So, give them a shot and let me know what you think.

For your viewing and tummy pleasure I put together this presentation with 10 additional paleo desserts for you to indulge in:

And if you come up with any other creamy dreamy Paleo dessert recipes than be sure to let us know in the comment section below.

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