4 “Five-Minute or Less” Simple Ways to Lose Weight. I do them all but swear by #3.

simple ways to lose weight

Did you ever hear the phrase, “keep it simple, stupid”(or KISS, for short)?

Well, I’m a big believer in keeping things really simple, including all of the fat burning strategies I give you on this blog as well as in my ebooks.

The fact is, the more simple I can make something for you, the more likely you are to A) understand it and B) implement it.

Today, I wanted to share with you a few of the weight loss and maintenance strategies I personally use and insist that my weight loss clients do as well – that’s how huge of an affect they can have on your results.

The best part is I chose the 4 most simple ways to lose weight that you could do in only five minutes or less.

However, just because they’re things you can do in only a few minutes, don’t assume they’re not powerful.

Let’s dig in…

1. Design your meals for optimal fat burning.

One of the biggest issues people have when coming to me for advice about losing weight is that they don’t know what to eat. Moreover, they don’t know what quantities to eat them in either.

I like to share the Jonathan Bailor approach to meal design as he discusses in his #1 best-selling book, The Calorie Myth.

I like his “SANE” approach to food because he advocates the same approach to diet that I do:

Eat real food.

Picture your plate divided up into the following sections:


simple ways to lose weight


  • 50% non-starchy veggies
  • 30% protein
  • 15% low sugar fruit OR healthy fat
  • 5% healthy fats

Non-starchy veggies can include salad, any dark, leafy greens, celery, tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers, broccoli, cauliflower, radishes, onions, green beans, etc.

Protein can include grass fed meats such as chicken, beef, pork, lamb, turkey, fish, seafood, egg whites (although I don’t feel the need for you to remove the yolks, which are healthy fat).

Low sugar fruit should be kept to berries.

Healthy fats can include avocados, olives, coconut oil, butter, whole eggs or nuts.

It only takes a few minutes to plan out each of your meals for the day in this way. Doing so will help you stick to the foods that will help you burn the most body fat and avoid the foods that cause you to gain it (i.e. refined sugar, grains, low fat dairy, desserts, candy, etc).

2. Schedule your activity for the entire month.

Although what you eat plays the biggest role in your weight and whether or not you lose your unwanted body fat, that doesn’t mean you can ignore exercise.

Exercise plays a very important role in losing or maintaining your weight by balancing your crazy hormones. It will boost your fat burning hormones, such as growth hormone and epinephrine, while controlling other hormones that might get in the way of your progress, such as insulin.

At the beginning of each month, take out your calendar and actually schedule in your exercise sessions according to the schedule I give you in this blueprint.

Once your appointment with exercise is “on the books” you cannot break your date. You will treat it just as you would any other appointment you make, such as a doctor appointment or meeting with your kid’s teacher.

This should only take you five minutes at the beginning of every month.

There’s no excuse not to do this since I have previously provided you all the workouts you will need to fill your calendar:

Walking Workouts

Strength Training Workouts

4 Minute Fat Burning Workouts

Take a few minutes right now to fill your calendar for the rest of this month and then start applying this technique at the beginning of each new month.

3. Meditate.

I used to think meditating was a waste of my time, even if it was only 5 minutes. But over the last few months, those 5 minutes have become the period of time I most look forward to during my day.

You see, when I watched my Dad slowly slip away from me in the NICU and finally pass away after having a stroke 6 months ago, I had a lot of extra stress and emotion for quite a few months after.

Well, I still have a lot of the emotion :-(.

The amount of stress I experienced for an extended period of time really caused my hormones to go out of whack and I started to gain weight in my belly.

It’s the classic cortisol/adrenal fatigue/fat response to chronic stress.

I started doing a few special things to help decrease my stress and cortisol levels and meditating each day was one of them.

Meditating is easier than you think. Here’s how:

Sit in a comfortable position. I like to sit on the floor cross legged on a pillow with my hands facing up on my knees with my thumbs and pinter fingers together.


All you have to do is sit like this in a quite environment for a minimum of 5 minutes.

Breathe in and out to a slow count of 4 – inhale, 2, 3, 4 exhale, 2, 3, 4….

By simply concentrating on your breaths you are essentially diverting your attention to the stress and chaos of your life. You push it all away for just a few minutes and take time to concentrate on YOU.

What a radical idea.

You may find this challenging at first, however, it doesn’t take long at all to sit there for just 5 minutes meditating. In fact, I have been doing it every single day for several months now and sometimes I even end up going quite a bit longer than 5 minutes.

Once my random thoughts start really creeping in I know it’s time to stop. The more you practice, the longer you will be able to go.

Research is showing that meditation like this does, in fact, reduce your levels of cortisol. By lowering cortisol you will reduce any stress related belly fat you may have.

Practice your meditation either first thing in the morning before you start your day or as part of your evening/sleep routine.

But for now, your goal is 5 minutes every day. Take this special time for yourself to either start your day off right or release the stress from the day.

Since practicing my meditations each day I have really noticed that I handle my stress and emotions better and the belly fat that I acquired shortly after losing my Dad has all but disappeared.

I’d like it to stay that way…

4. Get more Omega 3s.

Chronic inflammation in your body is a fact of life now. It is the result of your environment, the food you eat, the exercise you do or don’t do and the stress you have.

Inflammation is now known as a precursor to all of the major health conditions, including obesity, cancer, heart disease and diabetes.

Meaning, first comes inflammation in your body followed soon by disease.

Research has shown that there are several things we can do to help control the levels of inflammation in our bodies.

These include:

1. Avoiding inflammatory foods such as grains, sugars and trans fats.

2. Being active every day but avoiding excessive cardio.

3. Employing stress reduction techniques, such as meditation and yoga.

4. Increasing the amount of Omega 3 fatty acids we get in our diet and through supplementation.

Robb Wolf recommends that we need to consume 2-4 g of Omega 3 each day if we have any extra body fat or health condition. The exact amount you take would vary within this range based on how much weight you actually have to lose.

The more weight you need to lose, the more Omega 3 you should consume.

One of the best ways to consume Omega 3 is by eating fish and seafood.

Cold water fish such as sardines, mackerel, and even salmon are all great. Unfortunately,  not everyone eats the amount of fish and seafood each day to reach the recommended dosage.

That’s not to mention the fact that most of our seafood is contaminated with mercury and radioactivity these days anyway.

If you know me, you know I do not advocate diet pills and fat burners that are always so trendy for weight loss.

The reason is because they have not been shown to be effective in the scientific literature. This means that buying them could be potentially harmful to your health as well as a complete waste of your money.

However, there are a few things I do take myself and recommend to others because they’re nutrients our body needs to be healthy and maintain balance – including weight.

One of these supplements is an Omega 3.

This is the Omega 3 supplement I use and recommend.

Simply take it with a meal every day that has a little bit of fat in it and you’ll be good to go.

Wrapping Things Up

Here’s a quick Slideshare that wraps up everything you just read. Feel free to download it to your computer to reference at a later time:

Those are just a few of the really easy tasks you can do each day to lose weight that won’t cost you hardly any time at all.

By keeping things simple you not only increase the likelihood of you doing each of these strategies, but you increase the likelihood that they will work.

Starting today, begin to implement one or two of these tips for weight loss into your daily routines. Once those become habits, simply ad the others one by one until you are doing all four of them.

That’s where the magic happens – and in only less than five minutes per day.

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