Three Pillars of Weight Loss

three pillars of weight loss

91% of my weight loss clients weren’t addressing all three pillars of weight loss when we first started working together.

In fact, almost every single one of them were addressing only one pillar at a time using some played out tactic that they couldn’t do for more than a week or two anyway.

What I’ve discovered through my own self-experimentation, as well as working with my clients over the years, is that you are more likely to reach your weight loss goals if you address multiple weight loss parameters simultaneously.

There are many components of a solid weight loss plan, but for the sake of simplicity I have broken them down into the three pillars.

All three pillars must exist, be strong, and work together to form the foundation of your weight loss plan. If one pillar is weak and collapses, so does the chances of you being successful on your weight loss journey.

Below, I share with you the three pillars.

The Three Pillars of Weight Loss

First weight loss pillar => MOTIVATION.

Motivation is the most crucial thing you must have when working towards your weight loss goals.

You might be shocked by this statement, perhaps thinking of other, more trendy, aspects to losing weight, such as the latest diet craze or fitness gadget to hit the market.

Research led by Kelley Webber in 2010 found that those people who had the most intrinsic motivation after 4 weeks on a weight loss plan had the greatest chances of long-term weight loss success.

I truly believe that having intrinsic motivation is the key to being successful on your weight loss journey. Without motivation there’s no real reason for you to keep working hard towards your goals, especially when the going gets tough, you fall off the wagon, or you have a little set back.

And let’s face it, these things happen all the time.

You need a REASON to be going down the path, and more importantly, a reason to stay the course.

Start thinking a bit about YOUR reason for wanting to lose weight.

Second weight loss pillar => DIET.

Diet here is defined as the food you eat every day over the course of your lifetime, NOT the latest fad diet you saw on the Dr. Oz show.

Aside from having a real motivator to losing weight, the single most important thing you can do is adjust your diet.

You see, something like 75-90% of the extra weight we carry can be attributed to the type and quantity of food you consume on a daily basis.

Yes, it’s that much. It’s that important.

So, after developing your real reason for embarking on a weight loss program, it makes sense that the next thing you would address is your diet.

There are many things you can do to make improvements to your diet. But for now, just eat real food.

Eating real food and avoiding crap in packages, boxes and cans, along with wheat, sugar, trans fats, soy and corn will have the biggest weight loss results for you.

The best part is, when you focus on eating real food you don’t need to worry as much about the quantity of food you eat. Real food is filling, satisfying and can really help curb your cravings for foods you generally overeat.

Third weight loss pillar => EXERCISE.

I know, this one’s your fav!

No matter what you hear online these days from “gurus” claiming you can lose all the weight you want without exercise, it simply isn’t true for most of us.

You need exercise to lose weight. You need exercise to be healthy. You need exercise to help keep your fat burning and hunger hormones balanced and working properly.

Exercise doesn’t have to be a bad thing, in fact after you begin to incorporate it into your daily life you should begin seeing other benefits from it such as increased energy, better focus, improved sleep and increased productivity, just to name a few.

There’s an exercise strategy that will work for YOU – one that will not only be highly effective but also fit into your busy life.

Wrapping Things Up

No one weight loss strategy (i.e. a new diet or a fancy workout) is a suitable method to use without incorporating strategies from the other pillars of weight loss.

The pillars are all meant to work together to form a solid weight loss foundation that gives you the best possible chance at weight loss success.

If you can adopt strategies from all three pillars – motivation, diet and exercise, I have no doubt you will be well on your way to losing your unwanted body fat and achieving your weight loss goals.

Now I have a question for you…

Do you have a story about you or a friend where you tried to lose weight using a strategy from only one of these pillars – and failed?

Please share your story in the comments below.

Also, I just gave you the reason why your weight loss efforts have failed you in the past and the strategy to move forward successfully. Do you have a friend, family member or co-worker that has been unsuccessful at losing weight that you can forward this article to?