Walking to Lose Weight – Just a Myth or Actually Possible?

walking for weight loss

Walking to Lose Weight

My weight loss client made a huge weight loss mistake.

You see, she had heard that it was your diet that was 75% responsible for weight loss. Knowing that, she decided that she would focus all of her weight loss efforts on cleaning up her diet and not bothering to do any exercise at all.

On top of that, she sits behind a computer all day for work then drives home, eats dinner with her family and then watches TV all night until she goes to sleep.

She’s totally sedentary. No wonder why she’d gained 14 pounds this year…

Sound familiar?

The fact is, even though diet is huge when it comes to losing your unwanted body fat, you simply can’t ignore the fact that you still need to be physically active.

Once we began working together I helped her get out of her chair and start to build her fitness foundation by providing her a 12 week walking weight loss plan.

And in my latest ebook, I share the EXACT walking plan I gave her and lay it out for you step by step => http://amzn.to/13RQuiH

Walking to Lose Weight

As you know I love to challenge the conventional wisdom of the fitness and food industries.

One of the myths I like to challenge is that walking, jogging and other long, chronic cardio activities are superior for fat loss.

The truth is, that walking isn’t really the “best” exercise to help you lose your unwanted body fat, but it’s still an important and reliable method, especially if you’re in no position to be running sprints!

I’ll explain…

While higher intensity and shorter duration exercise will result in superior weight loss than walking, the fact is that it’s just not a practical activity for people who have been sedentary for a long time, severely overweight, out of shape or those with physical injuries.

For these people, I highly recommend this 12 week walking plan. It will:

  • help you start to build your fitness foundation
  • move you away from a “chair-based” lifestyle
  • improve your cholesterol
  • decrease your triglycerides
  • help you lose weight
  • allow you to re-claim your health
  • allow you to recover from an injury

Walking for weight loss takes a little more of a time investment than if you did cardio intervals, but it’s still an awesome option if your current situation doesn’t allow you to exercise that intensely.

The truth is that even if you do a great job cleaning up your diet and getting rid of all the fat storing foods, you”ll still need to exercise in some form. Using the walking program I provide in my book is exactly what you need to get up and get moving.

You can grab your copy on Amazon by clicking here now.

Check out what one reader said about the book:

“Susan is a very good author. I have her smoothies book and her book on low carb eating. So, using Susan as my coach and reading “if you’re diabetic walking clears sugar out of the blood”, I got my little dog (he has been asking me to walk him daily), reluctantly put my sneakers on and went. It’s not like I didn’t already know this fact but reading it and “hearing” it again helped. I have no excuses whatsoever. I have truly bugged her with emails and she wrote back. Overall this book got my ass out of bed and walking. It’s a good book.”

No Kindle? No Problem!

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Let me know when your pants don’t fit anymore.

Now I have a question for you…

I just gave you access to a resource that will help you lose weight from walking. Do you know someone who has been sedentary, is out of shape and could use a walking strategy like this one?

Please forward this article to any friends, family members or co-workers who might benefit from this 12 week walking weight loss program.

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