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Let’s Work Together to Master Your Lifestyle Shift so You Can Lose Weight Permanently – Starting Today.

Here’s the problem I see all the time. People looking to lose weight go on “diets” and start doing “insane” workouts, but when those programs are over, they still haven’t made any changes to their lifestyle or habits that results in permanent weight loss and the fat comes right back on. That’s not what you want…

weight loss coachingIn fact, I’m sure you know exactly what I mean. How many fad diets have YOU tried?

If I had to guess it would be a few over the years, each one maybe taking off a few pounds but leaving you just as unhappy with your body, if not more so, than before you started.

You’re not alone in this and it’s not your fault.

You see, the food and fitness industries will have you believe that eating “low fat” and doing hours of long, boring cardio each day is the best and only way to lose unwanted body fat.

But the truth about weight loss – permanent weight loss – is that you must make a series of little “shifts” to your lifestyle. Little tweaks that you can sustain for the rest of your life. I lovingly refer to this as my Lifestyle Shift Method.

Eating cabbage soup every day for the rest of your life just isn’t feasible. But changing the type of food you eat every day is absolutely doable.

Starving yourself every day on low calorie diets isn’t sustainable long term. But strategically using short periods of fasting over the course of your lifetime totally is.

Look – the bottom line is that you need to make a bunch these small shifts to your life to see significant and permanent weight loss. Small changes today will yield great reward tomorrow and I can show you which shifts will make the most impact on your weight loss success.

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When I heard that my 20th high school reunion was approaching I naturally wanted to look my best. Susan coached me on cleaning up my diet, designed appropriate workouts just for me, and taught me how making a bunch of little shifts to my lifestyle can yield great results. After 3 months, I was able to get into my little back dress, and attend my reunion feeling amazing and confident around my old classmates.


┬áLet Me Teach You My Lifestyle Shift Method…

weight loss coachingHey there, I’m Susan Campbell, Founder of the Weight Loss Laboratory.

I have a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology with a concentration in Nutrition and have been a Certified Strength and Conditioning Specialist through the NSCA.

I am a #1 best-selling Author of 6 weight loss and fitness books and creator of my home workouts program, Ultimate Home Workouts.

Most importantly, I am a Weight Loss Coach. For the last 15 years I’ve been helping people just like you lose their unwanted body fat for good by making a series of teeny shifts to their lifestyle.

I base my Lifestyle Shift Method on results of scientific research published in reputable professional journals (no fad diets or gadgets used here!) as well as the experience I’ve gained from working one-on-one with my coaching clients.

You see, I don’t only “know” how to lose weight in theory, I’ve been able to tweak those principles into a system that actually produces lasting results by experimenting with them and perfecting it on actual people.

And you get to benefit from all our hard work!

Work with Me and I’ll teach you:

1. The exact Lifestyle Shift Method and how you can use it to lose weight permanently.

2. What foods will help you burn fat and which ones are flat out preventing you from losing any weight at all.

3. The two foods to NEVER eat no matter what.

4. What exercise you should STOP wasting your time doing immediately.

5. How to fit the appropriate type and quantity of exercise into your life using my 4 Minute Fat Burners.

6. How to use my 5 Hour Block Rule to help ignite your fat burning hormones.

7. How to get & keep the motivation you need to meet your weight loss goals.

8. And more I will surprise you with…


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Working with Susan was a real eye-opener. I spent most of my childhood and young adult life overweight and much of that time restricting what I ate to the point where I was constantly hungry. Susan taught me how to control my cravings that were sabotaging my efforts and actually feel so satiated that I accidentally started forgetting meals – I just wasn’t that hungry. I also used some of her 4 minute fat boosters and they were a perfect fit into my on-the-go lifestyle.


Weight Loss Coaching Packages

The following are the current coaching packages being offered.

[feature_block style="icon" overall_style="icon" columns="2" icon_style="icon" font_color="#111111" content_font_color="#111111"][feature title="1 Hour, One-On-One Consulting Session" icon="4.png" upload_icon="" bg_color=""]

We will schedule a 1 hour consulting session to discuss anything that you’d like to. A few options may include:

Streamline your diet.

Develop an exercise program.

Shift bad habits to good habits.

Discuss YOUR Lifestyle Shift

Specific questions you may have.

Who is Consulting For?

The one hour session is great for anyone who just has a simple issue that needs to be addressed or question that needs to be answered. It’s also great for anyone who already knows their weight loss goals, has an action plan in place but just needs some help in a few small areas. You are highly motivated to achieve your goals and can hold yourself accountable.

[/feature] [feature title="3-Month Coaching Package" icon="1.png" upload_icon="" bg_color=""]

In this 3 month coaching package you will work one-on-one with Susan to achieve your weight loss plan. You will:

Have an initial 1 hour strategy phone call or Skype session with Susan where you will identify your weight loss goals and develop an action plan to achieve it.

Receive a follow up email with your action plan, including diet changes, habit shifts, and an exercise plan designed just for you for the upcoming month.

Be held accountable with bi-weekly phone calls or Skype sessions to review your strategy, track progress and make necessary adjustments to your action plan.

Stay motivated with unlimited email access to Susan to ask questions and stay on track.

Who is the Coaching Program For?

The ongoing coaching program is great for anyone who needs help clarifying their weight loss goals and developing a true action plan. You may have some motivation but need help with sticking to a plan and being held accountable. You like having access to Susan to ask questions and refine ideas.

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