Weight Loss Resources

weight loss resourcesBelow is a comprehensive list of resources for weight loss, nutrition and fitness that I put together for you to be able to be able to reference at any time.

Disclosure: Many of the links below do contain my affiliate links to the products. Meaning, if you buy the item after clicking the link I will earn a very small commission at no extra cost to you. While I only provide reference for items I highly recommend, used myself or reviewed, please do your own research before you buy a product.

Eat Real Food

The Truth About Fat Burning Foods – Discover how the conventional “health” food you eat every day is damaging your health and causing you to GAIN weight. Learn exactly what to start eating today to boost your metabolism and lose weight within 24 hours.

Home Cooking for Fat Loss - 120 amazing tasting, gluten free recipes (including bread, cookies, and desserts).

Fat Burning Soup Recipes - Lose 5 pounds every 7 days with these great soup recipes.

Healthy Homemade Candy Recipes – Get the homemade versions of all your favorite conventional candies using healthy ingredients. Mmmmm, healthy homemade peanut butter cups!

Blender – My blender of choice for making great smoothies, blender drinks, soups and food processing. I currently have a Vitamix, which is great, but I think there are some additional benefits to the Ninja at a fraction of the cost.

Coconut oil – a super healthy fat to cook your food in. Will help you lose weight. Great for high temperature cooking.

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Ultimate Home Workouts – My done-for-you home workout program I designed to improve your strength and help you lose weight in the privacy of your own home using your own body weight and the occasional dumbbell and stability ball.

Yoga Shapeshifter – I’m a confirmed yoga freak and this is the best home yoga program I can find. Lose weight and feel younger after doing these great yoga workouts right at home.

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Home Office

One of the biggest dangers to your health and waistline is all the sitting we do at our computers. If you work 8+ hours or more each day at a desk you are in much greater danger of heart disease, diabetes and cancer. You can help your cause by choosing one or more of the tools below, from an under-desk cycle, stand up desk, stand up work station and, best case scenario, a treadmill desk.

Desk Cycle Desk Exercise Cycle – An awesome instrument to keep your legs moving while you’re sitting at your desk. SImply sit and pedal while you work away!

Portable Stand Up Desk – An inexpensive option for using a computer while standing up. When you want to stand up, simply place this desk on top of your normal desk and bring your computer or other work materials up onto it. When it’s time to sit down again, just remove the contents and portable desk from your normal desk.

Sit-Stand Workstation – The best of both worlds. Attaches right to your normal desk and allows you to use your computer while sitting or standing. Simply lift the workstation up or lower it down whenever the mood strikes you to make a move.

LifeSpan Treadmill Desk – The ultimate in health and productivity. The treadmill desk allows you to keep moving while you accomplish your work tasks. If you’d like to read more about why the treadmill desk is important to your health and fitness you may want to check out the ebook, Treadmill Desk Revolution.

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Digital BodyFat Scale - What gets measured gets managed. Track your weight loss success daily or weekly to help keep you on track using a digital weight and body fat scale like this one.

Wii Fit Plus w/ Balance Board - One of the most fun ways to be active is to use the sport and activity games on the Wii. Do yoga, strength training and cardio using this bundle and even buy other fun programs to expand your fitness, such as ZumbaMy Fitness Pal, and The Biggest Loser Challenge.

Fitness Gadgets & Equipment

Fitbit One Wireless Activity Sleep Tracker This is a high tech pedometer that I wear 24 hours per day. It’s so advanced that it even automatically syncs up with my computer so I always keep an accurate log of how many steps I walk each day, in addition to stairs climbed, distance travelled, sleep quality, and food consumption. Read my review here.

Dumbbells - No light weights, ladies. Play with the big boys and use a weight you can lift only about 8 times.

Kettlebells - LOVE them! Functional and great for cardio intervals and strength building. Just don’t drop one on your head.

Stability ball - Outstanding for core work, balance training, and making all bodyweight exercises even more challenging.

TRX suspension system - This is the advanced version of bodyweight training and allows you to take a home workout outside to the playground. It’s an awesome total body accessory in your home gym.

Resistance bands - Allows you to work your back and shoulders when bodyweight training fails you. They also travel very well.

Rebounder - Non-impact cardio. I used this to help me lose 20 pounds when I suffered a severe running injury in 2007.

Jump rope - Awesome cardio workout you can even use for interval training. Jump ropes come in a variety of weights and also travels well.

Battling ropes - It’s sort of like a jump rope for your arms. Great for using your upper body to do cardio intervals.

Gymboss GB2010 Black Softcoat Interval Timer Awesome for timing entire workouts of strength training, interval training, or anything you need a stopwatch for. Beeps at you at the end of every interval so you don’t have to stop exercising to look at your watch. A total MUST HAVE. I personally use mine 5 days per week and it is extremely affordable.

Medicine balls - Good for slamming on the ground, throwing across the yard, or tossing back and forth with a workout partner.

Foam roller - This is necessary for anyone who wants to be able to walk upright when they’re 70. Simply roll over your muscles for self myofacial release.

Chin up bar - Even if you aren’t yet able to pull yourself up a chin up bar is a great piece of equipment to have for your home workout.

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Low Carb Protein Powder – The only protein powder on the market that won’t spike your blood sugar or contain artificial sweeteners. Great in smoothies!

Probiotics – Repair gut damage, reduce inflammation and lose weight with these bugs!

Balance blood sugar – Increase insulin sensitivity, balance blood sugar levels and never store carbs as fat.

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My Books

Low Carb Diet Strategies You Don’t Know About – My #1 best-selling book that goes beyond just low carb and teaches you 5 low carb diet hacks that are unconventional and rarely talked about that will really ramp up your success.

Weight Loss Motivation Strategies You Don’t Know About – My book that shares 7 motivational strategies to help you get and keep the motivation you need to achieve your weight loss goals.

Why Can’t I Lose Weight? – My book that gets brutally honest with you and tells you point blank why you are still overweight. It also includes action steps for each reason to help you change your ways.

7 Day Smoothie Weight Loss Diet Plan – My #1 best-selling book that gives you a 7 day weight loss plan using smoothies (aka real food) as well as a ton of recipes to get you started.

Walking to Lose Weight – My #1 best-selling book provides a step-by-step walking plan to help you ramp up your activity and lose your unwanted body fat.

44 Condiment & Salad Dressing Recipes – My book provides you with real food recipes that are free of trans fats, chemicals, preservatives, additives and sugar. You can’t get these recipes in the grocery store!

The Truth About Cardio & Weight Loss – Plus 27, 4-Minute Fat Burning Workouts to Burn Belly Fat and Lose Weight Fast.

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Other Books

Fat Fast Cookbook – An awesome resource if you’re low carb and not scared of fat!

Wheat Belly – Discover why “healthy” whole grains and wheat are actually destroying your health and making you fat.

Fast Food Nation – Learn how fast food took over our nation and exactly why you never want to put a bite of this nasty food into your body.

Why We Get Fat – Discover the truth about how we gain weight (hint: it’s NOT what you think) and how we can lose it again.

The Primal Blueprint – This book is an unconventional blueprint to primal living (eating real food and moving around in nature) in a modern world.

Treadmill Desk Revolution – This book discusses the dangers of sitting for more than a few hours each day on your health. Seriously, sitting is killing you. For those of you who work at a desk all day you should consider reading this book and then purchasing one of the home office solutions I discuss above.