What I Eat For Breakfast

greens drink

Everyday morning comes a little too early.

The alarm goes off at 6 am, and by 6:10 Scott is up and off to make his coffee. He then disappears into the office.

I hang back a few more minutes because it’s January in upstate NY and I can’t bear the thought of getting out of my cozy bed.

I grab my phone to take a quick peak at emails that came though overnight, and address anything urgent. I check out what my peeps are up to on Facebook, aka: I lurk on Facebook and spy on all my friends. I also reply to the late night texts I get from my night owl besties.

Meanwhile, the Puppy is fighting for his morning attention, sitting tall next to my bed and forcing his head in between my hand and my phone. Sometimes I’m woken up by him growling and bringing me his toy to play with.

After a few minutes of this, I finally force myself to get up and start my day.

I grab my “sippy cup” from the night stand and fill it with fresh filtered water that runs through my counter top ionizer. And by sippy cup, I mean one of those big plastic, yet BPA free cups with a screw on top and a big straw.

A few times per week I also have a hot green tea with half of a lemon or lime squeezed in.

I also head into the office to work.

First thing I do is write anything that needs my best effort, as I find I do my best work as soon as I get up, on an empty stomach. I can get more done between 6 – 7 am than I can all afternoon.

I only eat breakfast a few times per week. And I only eat it if I am actually hungry. No hungry = no breakfast.

The reason I do this is because I enjoy fasting from 12-16 hours, which I break with my first meal of the day. If I do eat breakfast it is generally about an hour after my morning workout.

Some of my breakfasts consist of 2 pastured eggs and 2 slices of bacon, sometimes I even add a small blob of ricotta cheese to my eggs. Yum.

Other days I’ll have a smoothie and sneak some leafy greens into it.

Regardless of whether I eat breakfast or not, I drink a greens drink that I never go a day without, especially in the winter when my fresh veggie consumption is down.

This greens drink is the reason why I rarely get sick and how I keep up my energy levels during the cold, dark winter months. Not to mention that it keeps me from gaining that winter weight that has hit me this time of year in the past.

I also choose to drink it because there is good evidence that greens help keep the pH in your body more alkaline, which prevents the growth of cancer cells. Way too many people around me have had some form of blood cancer lately, so I’m being extra vigilant with this.

At this time, I also take krill oil and Vitamin D3.

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Your Weight Loss Coach,

Susan Campbell, MS

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