Workout Routines

These workout routines listed below are the best of the best and all based on solid scientific research.

And why wouldn’t they be, I don’t review or provide information on any workout routine that isn’t based on scientific truth.

The fact is, too many workout routines that you see online and in fitness and weight loss magazines are based on fitness myths.

Untruths from the exercise equipment and diet pills industry who all simply want you to buy their products. They got rich by selling you garbage information.

Personally, when I work with a client and hear them talk about what they are currently doing to lose weight, and all I hear is the junk that those big businesses spew out, it really makes me mad.

So, that’s why I want to offer you this complimentary free workout routine (coming soon).

Workout Routines for Weight Loss…..

Turbulence Training and anything from Craig Ballantyne are always my favorite workout routines and I have been using his programs both personally and with my clients since 2007.

If you want an awesome, cutting edge workout routine AND diet plan you have to try:

  • 24/7 Fat Loss (review)¬†- this is an amazing program that is both workout routines AND a diet plan for you to follow. Crag Ballantyne from Turbulence Training teamed up with nutrition guru Joel Marion to bring you a strategic weight loss program where you time both your food intake and your workouts to double your fat burning time.

If you are new to working out or have not done so in a while start with:

If you have worked out before or are currently using another workout routine:

If you’re a meathead and want to have huge muscles and look like a bodybuilder:

  • Turbulence Training for Meatheads (review) – Craig Ballantyne is a reformed meathead. Maning, he always lifted weights to build big muscles and have little body fat, but grew up doing it according to the hype in the muscle magazines from the 1980′s. Today, Craig uses the new science of weight lifting to bring you a 3-4 day per week program where you can actually gain muscle and lose weight at the same time. Way different than the old days. My in depth review at the link above will teach you how the Meathead series of workout routines will get you jacked and ripped!

If you want a fun challenge and want to use a kettlebell in your workout routines:

If you want to learn the background and the whys and hows of losing weight using a sound diet plan and workout routine, along with a rock solid plan to do so, then you have to try the original book of TRUTH:

The Best Workout Routines…..

Regardless of which of the various workout routines you choose to embark on, one fact remains true – the workout routine you choose must contain several components to be effective, otherwise your’re just waisting your time.

Components of the Best Workout Routines:

1. Strength Training – this is the most important part of the above workout routines yet it happens to be the most over looked. One of the biggest myths of the fitness industry is that you have to do tons and tons of cardio (the slow, boring kind) to lose weight. In truth, if you spent that time you were walking on the treadmill while watching Oprah doing strength training you would achieve much faster success.

2. Interval Training – cardio does indeed have its place. However, not how you think. You must engage in cardo intervals, or high intensity interval training for the most effective fat burn both during the actual activity and many hours after you finish. That’s the beauty of the “afterburn” that results from interval training – you lose weight even when you’re not exercising!

Note: Since I’m big on research, I have to tell you that there is a new way to combine strength training and interval training together – it’s called Metabolic Resistance Training. Essentially, metabolic resistance training is “cardio with weights”. You do a particular strength training exercise using a higher number of repetitions for a serious afterburn of calorie burning all day long.

If you would like workout routines that uses metabolic resistance training as a major aspect of the program then try:

More Workout Routines…..

I will be working diligently to constantly update this list of workout routines for you so you will have honest reviews of workout routines for weight loss that have been put through the Weight Loss Laboratory.